Post Nuvaring…

     There are many women who have/use birth control, for whatever reason.  Many reasons can include and may not be limited to.: to prevent getting pregnant, regulating hormones, reducing acne, having lighter periods, etc.  I am now at the point in my life where stopping birth control is the option that I am looking at. 

     I started birth control almost 9 years ago while I was in college.  It did wonders for me with reducing the amount of menstral days, level of flow, and the clearing up of my skin were on the top of my perks.  I LOVED IT! Not to meantion that I could now predict which day dear AUNT FLOW was going to arrive and much much lighter cramps if I got any.  I was on the pill.  The only thing that I did not enjoy was that I was gettin pumped with extra hormones, which in turn made me a little (LOT) crazy. So the next best thing was to find a pill that didn’t have as many hormones.  And then I started to forget to take the pills when I was scheduled to.  Everyday was not the thing for me.  So finally I switched to the Nuvaring.  Easy peasy :) Once a month put a new ring in, take it out three weeks later, leave it out for a week and repeat with a new ring.

      Now I am yet again at a new cornerstone in my life where I am married and want to take the proverbial “next step” and have the baby.  Which also tends to mean that I stop using the birth control and continue to have sex.  So even with insurance I get to save an extra 40 bucks a months without the ring and 10 bucks a month without the condoms.  YAY for free love :)

     I am finding it difficult to do this now.  We stopped using birth control at the end of August.  Aunt Flow has decided that she doesn’t like to show up at my house on her regular monthly visit and its starting to get under my skin.  Some women I have found that it is really easy to get pregnant after the ring and others not so much.  I guess I am in that later category. BOOOOO!  So like all birth control I am in that waiting stage of when my cycles are hopefully attempting to become regular so that I can start charting.  I wish she would get her flow together!!!

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